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      The morning of November 9, 2016, many people woke up with a horrible hangover stemming from the results of America's craziest election.  

      For whatever reason,  we weren't them. We realized that the most important thing we could do was not give in to despair, and help others not buckle under what was a shocking reality to confront. 

      The most overt action we took was rallying artists. Creative people are often overlooked for their contributions to political life but when the chips are down, they know how to inspire action. We hoped that by tapping artists–pros and amateurs, adults and children–we could get ahead of Trump's message of hate, xenophobia, protectionsim and cynicism, while beating back the ennui that I saw grip people as soon as the election was called. Any single person who wasn't rendered moribund by the new Trumpian reality would become crucial in getting a cogent resistance movement off the ground quickly, and even our tiny offerings would be of service for what was going to be a helluva fight.

      In a completely ad hoc fashion, we started our little art collective. Each artist picked a cause that directly confronted the policies of Trumpistan, and his or her design raised money for them. That way artists contributed talent but not actual cash, which for artists, writers, musicians, is important since most of us are broke; the agencies who were going to become desperately important in this new landscape similarly benefited from visibility and money. 

      Revolution Art Offensive was one of the best ideas we've ever followed through with, and we thank all of the artists who pony up time, designs, and enthusiasm, the stores who buy wholesale, as well as all the people who bought them, shared them, or believe that we're on the side of righteousness in a dark moment.